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basketball sim

Postby Tim-Reigns » Sat Apr 14, 2018 1:12 pm

johnnybravo17 wrote:I'm currently developing a text-based basketball simulation. Reason being ... among the things out there, there just isn't anything of any quality that approaches the flexibility that we have here (free, easily created user libraries, flexibility to setup your own league structure, etc. etc.)

I'm intrigued. Good luck on this basketball game! The one area where these games always fall down in my opinion is in inter-era flexibility. I.e., when playing with teams from different seasons, games do not account for the different scoring environments and, especially, differences in possessions and PACE.

Do you foresee your game taking into account PACE? If Wilt scores 50 points per game in a high-scoring, high possession era that doesn't mean he was necessarily "better" than a player who averaged 35 in a lower scoring, lower possession era...
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