my starting rotation won't rotate

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my starting rotation won't rotate

Postby asdf1 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:17 pm

This is in my career mode league. Here is my starting pitcher rotation:

(R) deGrom, Jacob - Spot start for RARELY
(L) Sale, Chris - Spot start for RARELY
(R) Pineda, Michael - Spot start for SOMETIMES
(R) Samardzija, Jeff - Spot start for OFTEN
(R) Cashner, Andrew - Spot start for OFTEN

Spot Starters

(R) Neal, Zach - Go to OFTEN
(R) Gant, John - Go to RARELY

Now here is how my starting pitchers have been used so far:
Team Schedule - 2015 MIN (2-5)

Date Win Score Home Starter Away Starter

3/30/2015 Yes MIN (5) @ LAD (1) Scherzer, Max deGrom, Jacob
3/31/2015 No MIN (2) @ LAD (5) Montas, Frankie Gant, John
4/1/2015 No MIN (5) @ LAD (6) Chacin, Jhoulys Sale, Chris
4/3/2015 Yes MIN (10) @ DET (6) Murata, Toru Neal, Zach
4/4/2015 No MIN (5) @ DET (6) Wilson, Tyler deGrom, Jacob
4/5/2015 No MIN (2) @ DET (7) Lobstein, Kyle Sale, Chris
4/6/2015 No DET (5) @ MIN (3) deGrom, Jacob Sanchez, Aaron

Ignore my record please.

If you notice, only my top 2 starting pitchers are being picked by the AI, spot starters aside. If I click "profile" on the screen where you can change the pitcher in the pre-game activities, the pitcher remains the same. For my next game, the AI is choosing Chris Sale to pitch. He hasn't fully recovered yet; he still has 1 pitch to go.

For now, I'll manually choose the next pitcher. Unless the AI shows a spot starter, I'll go down the list.

I looked at the AI teams and it seems to be handling those teams exactly like it's supposed to. My email can't send you the backup for some reason. I'll try again later.

Okay, I got the email sent.
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Re: my starting rotation won't rotate

Postby DDBBAdmin » Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:41 pm

Your library has usage limits turned on, and as a result the computer manager is making substitutions in the rotation in an attempt to stick to real life usage. In addition, because the usage calculation option is set to Distributed, the CM is trying to spread out the starts for each pitcher across the season.

If you want a strict rotation be sure to turn usage limits off. Usage limits can be disabled on the Options Page.

Keep in mind that spot starter settings also impact rotations. So, if you want a really, really strict rotation set the spot start frequency to rarely for all starters and/or don't list any spot starters.

Have fun!
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Re: my starting rotation won't rotate

Postby asdf1 » Mon Nov 20, 2017 5:36 pm

Whew, I'm glad there are no bugs here.

I want a strict rotation with the occasional spot starter thrown in. I like usage limits on so the AI will use all of its people per their usage. So it seems that I'll have to pick my pitchers manually for now.

Thanks for the info.
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