Strange Glitch Occurrence-just 4 the record

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Strange Glitch Occurrence-just 4 the record

Postby JukeJointJimmy » Wed May 31, 2017 2:39 pm

Just wanted to report a weird occurrence that just occurred in a game I just am playing. The Mets vs Miami( 2017 season as it unfolds). In the top half of the 7th inning, the Mets (who were leading), fell behind 5-4 with a runner on first and Stanton coming to bat against Lefty Edgin. Terry Collins(Me), who had already used 2 relievers with no double switch, decided he wanted a righty to finish out the Marlin rally with 2 outs and power hitter Stanton coming to bat with a runner on first to face Stanton and keep the game close. Makes a double switch, takes Granderson out of the game(due to leadoff the bottom of the 7th), puts J Bruce in RF( to leadoff the bottom of the 7th), and P Sewald enters the game as pitcher and bats 8th in Ganderson's spot. Sewald does the job and the rally ends.
Here's the weird part: Bruce leads off the bottom of the 7th, and strokes a leadoff single. Collins(Me), now with a Marlin righty reliever in the game, decides to contemplate using a lefty bat to PH for Righty Lagares. So I am looking at my "bench screen" and decided that Lagares was having a very good game (2-3) with 3 rbi's, and so I was leaving him to face the righty. BUT, I must have had ( by accident not even realizing) Bruce's name Highlighted as I was viewing my bench screen through the "Pinch Hit/Bench" screen command, and I decided to exit that screen to return to game and I hit "OK" rather than "Cancel". Now the game engine brought in J Bruce to PH for Lagares-----Batting now for the second time in a row!? I had no recourse( maybe I am wrong??) and J Bruce batted for his second time in a row in the same inning, with Himself on first!
Obviously I should leave the PH screen by CANCEL only, but why was J Bruce even listed on my Bench as available, when he was already in the game from a double switch the half inning before???? The only reason this was reported was to possibly help the game be better and it was a very odd glitch to me. I have not exited the game yet, realizing that the record of this will disappear if I do. Hopefully a response can come in if it is worth saving for records sake. Maybe it never happened to anyone before? As a newcomer, I have no idea.
Has this ever happened before, and was it anything that could have been avoided by me? Just odd that Bruce was still listed on my bench at that point?

your fellow DDBB hobbyist,

PS--Please excuse the details given if this is all a moot point that has been dealt with before. All this was offered to in a supportive community like, helpful manner.
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Re: Strange Glitch Occurrence-just 4 the record

Postby DDBBAdmin » Thu Jun 01, 2017 2:59 pm

Hi Doc,

Thanks for the heads up on this one. I have added it to our database -- we will address this in 6.0.6!
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