1947-2005 player pics

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1947-2005 player pics

Postby asdf1 » Fri Nov 17, 2017 1:43 pm

A guy named "Ceej" on the OotP forums made this extensive photo collection. His description:

"Here is something I've finally finished working on that some of you might find a use for... complete, full-colour 90x135 photo packs for some older seasons. I believe they are more focused than what we currently have; I chose player pictures that are as close as I could get to each year in question. When you open up the 1969 pack you are not going to see anybody with mustaches and long '70s hair. Every player is depicted wearing the uniform of the team he played for that season.

I did my best to accurately reflect team colors and logos for each season - the Pirates are wearing blue caps in 1947, and yellow-on-black in 1948. If there weren't any pictures of the player in the uniform of the team in question, I 'shopped them (well, GIMPed 'em) so they did. At the eleventh hour I realized I forgot to give all the Orioles orange bills in 1958 though

I did the vast majority of colorizations myself, although I used a few I found here and there online - sal1199's Elmer Riddle was the base for his 1947 picture, and some of simarc's 1977 photo edits made it into that season. I figure this is in the spirit of why we share and post our stuff here, so other people can make use of it.... but if anyone objects for any reason, I'll replace pictures by.... probably ending up colorizing whatever B&W picture had been colorized by someone else in the first place, I mean older seasons don't always have much to choose from

I actually began work on this four years ago but gave up because too many players simply could not be found, and my photo editing skills were not good at all. But after seeing the work done by members of this forum unearthing and colorizing photos I was inspired last year to give it another go and I finally got it finished. So this could never have been done without the dedication of all the people here.

There are fourteen vintage seasons here in total, consisting of: 1947, '48, '55, '58, '61, '62, '63, '64, '69, '77, '83, '92, '93 and '98

"So about the new partial season players folder - this folder contains players who switched teams in midseason and did not appear on that team the following season (Rickey Henderson on the '93 Blue Jays, Randy Johnson on the '98 Astros, etc). Usually they switched teams in a midseason trade, but not always - sometimes they got released by their team and then got picked up by another team, so I couldn't call it the traded players folder and be totally accurate, you see If they were returning to a team they'd already played for recently, I usually didn't bother to give them a pic - Grant Jackson, for example, after being released from the Royals wound up back on the Pirates for 1 game in 1982, but he's not in the folder because he was just on the Pirates in 1981, and when '81 is done you could just take his photo from there because it would be the same anyway. I tried to catch all these players switching around in midseason transactions, but if I missed any you could let me know.

To recap, there are now a total of twenty-seven packs covering the following seasons: 1947-'55, '58, '61-'64, '69-'72, '77, '82-'86, '92-'93 and 1998. The earlier ones are the most heavily revised: 1958 was very heavily redone because that was the first one I ever started work on, way back in 2008, and gave up on because even just five years ago it was much harder to find obscure player photos than it is now. So a very special thanks to all who ever contributed to the various photo threads in this subforum - this would not have been possible without you

Here is the link to the dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j1cyk0je3bm1i74/TUP8YVzE1_

I don't know if it's proper to link to the OotP site where Ceej's post is since that game is the competition, haha. If it's OK, let me know.
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Re: 1947-2005 player pics

Postby DDBBAdmin » Fri Nov 17, 2017 1:50 pm

This is awesome -- thanks for sharing this link!
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